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How to easily increase your website traffic

How to easily increase your website traffic

    One of the main tasks of  digital marketing  today is to  increase web traffic and obtain greater visibility. To achieve this, it is necessary to apply different strategies and actions that range from optimizing the website or  eCommerce , investing in digital advertising campaigns, to getting links from other prestigious websites, or launching  email marketing campaigns .

    Why it is important to have web traffic

    Getting a large number of people to visit a website brings many benefits to an online store  , blog or website. Among the main advantages we can highlight:

    • Increase digital visibility.
    • It helps the number of conversions or sales to increase.
    • Improve the image of the brand.
    • Helps to stay ahead of the competition.
    • It allows to attract qualified visitors (interested in what is offered).

    How can you know the traffic of a website

    To know the traffic of a website it is necessary to use tools such as Google Analytics , SEMRush . From these platforms you can measure web traffic and consult important information about it.

    Among the data that can be consulted with these web traffic analysis tools are.

    • Place from which they access the web.
    • Time they remain on the site.
    • Information about the operating system and browser that visitors use.
    • Where they leave the website.
    • Visitor demographics.

    Types of web traffic

    There are many different types of traffic and knowing them allows you to establish appropriate strategies to be able to increase their number much more quickly and efficiently. The different types of web traffic that exist are:

    Organic traffic

    The traffic that is generated through search engines like Google. It is obtained naturally by appearing in the SERPs or search results and in this way attracting more users to the web.

    SEO efforts are focused on attracting this type of traffic, which is usually the most interesting for any kind of website.

    Direct traffic

    It is the traffic that is generated when a user accesses the website directly because they already know their web address. For example, if a user puts in the navigation bar of your browser because they already know the URL of the site will be generating a direct visit.

    Paid traffic

    It is about investing economically to get a third party to visit the web. This type of traffic uses pay per click  or PPC advertising  or is done through sponsored content.

    The objective of SEM strategies is to generate this type of traffic, which has the great advantage that it is ensured, that is, that it is only paid when the visit to the website occurs.

    Viral traffic

    It is a web traffic that is generated by a great interest that occurs at a specific moment. An example of this type of traffic is when an influencer recommends a website and its followers flock to visit it, generating traffic known as viral.

    Email marketing traffic

    Email marketing campaigns   get many users to access a website by increasing its web traffic. These types of campaigns include links in their messages that direct recipients to  landing pages (home)  within the website, increasing the number of visits.

    Social media traffic

    Social networks are today one of the most popular and interesting communication channels to redirect traffic to a website, and get your traffic to increase considerably.

    How You Can Increase Your Website Traffic

    There are many ways and strategies to increase website traffic. Some of the most used are:

    • Website optimization . It consists of applying SEO strategies to get the web to appear in better positions in Google search results and therefore a greater number of users visit the web.
    • Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns . It is about paying to get visits using these two tools for it. The great advantage of using this method is that you can precisely segment the type of users you want to direct to the web.
    • Email marketing campaign  . Launch an email campaign promoting a product, a service or a website.
    • Strategies in social networks . A good strategy in social networks allows you to redirect followers to the website generating a large amount of web traffic. Depending on the website it is necessary to choose the appropriate social networks.

    Increasing web traffic is a task that can be achieved by applying the strategies and using the appropriate channels. The advantages of increasing the visits of an  eCommerce , website or blog are very great, so increasing web traffic should be one of the main objectives of any web project.